What we do

Health and Development Consulting International (HDCi), LLC, is a global consultancy established in 2011. We are dedicated to providing quality technical support, strong research and planning, winning proposal development, beneficial monitoring and evaluation, stellar workshop facilitation, sustained capacity strengthening and mentoring, poignant communication materials, and profound editorial and graphics support to clients working in health and social development sectors.

lieslWho we are and What we bring

Our core team members have over 60 years of experience and enthusiasm in global public health, multidisciplinary social and community development, humanitarian assistance, and integrated poverty alleviation. We also have a pool of highly qualified collaborators to lend expertise and unique skills to specific assignments.

HDCi’s Founding Director, Liesl Messerschmidt, MPH, is a senior public health and global development consultant with over 2 decades of professional experience. She has worked with multi-cultural colleagues across the globe including over 14 years residence in Asia. Her focus is sexual and reproductive health, AIDS and other infections diseases, sexual orientation and gender issues, and human rights and advocacy for key populations (poor, vulnerable, marginalized, sexual minorities, socially excluded). She has worked for a variety of aid organizations and their partners including multilateral and bilateral donors, non-governmental and community-based organizations, academic institutions, governments, private organizations and foundations, businesses, the media, and professional individuals. 

Liesl has extensive experience researching, writing, editing, and formatting reports and publications, providing technical support, strengthening skills and capacities, monitoring and evaluating, designing multi-million dollar winning proposals, facilitating workshops, and in strategic planning and scenario building, for diverse audiences and purposes. Her personal mandates are to appreciate what works rather than focusing on problems, and to mentor and strengthen (local) capacity at all opportunities, towards a consulting impact with longevity. She appreciates the importance of networking, inclusion and good communication towards sharing ideas and practices, improving collaboration, and ensuring sustained impact and accountability within and between national bodies, local organizations and partners, and beneficiary communities.

contact us at: HDCinternational@gmail.com

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“I found the M&E presentation fantastic – like eating cake. It was specific and helped us so much in our work. The whole workshop will change a lot how we do our advocacy and research, and how we plan it.”

~ Lily Simon, community activist and member of MAAYGO, Kenya

How we do it

We start from where our clients want to be and work in partnership with them to achieve their goals and objectives, while bearing in mind the ultimate beneficiary or audience.

Where we work 

We are based in North America and work with clients across South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, Western and Central Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia and the Pacific.

Who we work for

We have experience working with aid organizations and their partners including multilateral and bilateral donors, non-governmental and community-based organizations, academic institutions, governments, private organizations, foundations, businesses, individuals, and the media.

How we work

We utilize a variety of tools and processes, including qualitative and quantitative methodologies and protocols, participatory appraisal, team and individual work, desk and field research - while striving for the highest quality, most accurate results possible.

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